Season 2

Minisode: What's Up Next in Season 2?

Everyone's been asking us: "When does season two of Maybe God begin?" Check out this minisode for a preview of what's coming up. If you liked season one, we're sure you're going to LOVE season two. We'll release episodes every other week starting at the end of June. Nathan Bonnes recorded all-new music for season 2!

Episode 1: Can Faith and Doubt Coexist? (Part 1)

Nearly everyone doubts the existence or the goodness of God at some point in life, but what happens when you're a pastor who no longer believes? In this episode, we follow Maybe God host and pastor Eric Huffman as he retraces his steps of the journey from Bible Belt religion to atheism. Eric visits his childhood home and his college campus to speak directly with some of the people who helped shape - and wreck - his faith.

Episode 2: Can Faith and Doubt Coexist? (Part 2)

Is doubt the end of faith in God? In part one of this episode, we followed Eric Huffman's journey from the certainty of Bible Belt religion to the moment in college when he rejected his Christian beliefs. More than a decade later, frustrated and questioning everything, Eric took a trip to get away from it all and to rethink his future. He never imagined coming home a new man, essentially unrecognizable to those who loved him. 

Are Near-Death Experiences for Real? (Part One)

We all know that death is a fact of life, but is it the end of life?  When your heart and brain cease to you?  In part one of this series, Maybe God host Eric Huffman talks to pastor and New York Times best-selling author John Burke about his 30-year journey studying over a thousand near-death claims, people from all different countries and religions who say they've "crossed over" and met God.  We'll also introduce you to Jeffrey Olsen and Howard Storm, two men who say they experienced the afterlife, in one case, hell.  

Are Near-Death Experiences for Real? (Part Two)

What is hell, and why would a loving God send people there forever? In part two of this episode, Maybe God host Eric Huffman continues his conversation with Imagine Heavenauthor John Burke, who insists that the God of the Bible isn't who most people believe Him to be.  We also reveal the dramatic conclusion to Howard Storm's harrowing descent into hell, and introduce you to Crystal McVea, a sexual abuse victim who believed God could never love her...until the day she died and met Him, face to face. 

Minisode: Meet Jonas Elrod

On the last two episodes of Maybe God, we were introduced to a supernatural, spiritual world, through the eyes of three people who had near-death experiences. But some people don’t have to die and come back to life to experience the other side. Jonas Elrod, whose story has been featured by Oprah Winfrey, claims to experience both the physical and spiritual worlds on a daily basis. From his experience, he's determined one key truth we're all missing when we focus on the material world. 

Why Did God Flood My City? (Harvey Anniversary Part 1)

Exactly one year ago, Houston, Texas experienced a flood of Biblical proportions. As much as 60 inches of rain fell in some areas - 19 trillion gallons of water that caused over $100 Billion in property damages and sent 40,000 people to emergency shelters. 13,000 Houstonians had to be rescued by boats and helicopters. As the waters of Hurricane Harvey receded, we wondered how this could happen. If God is real, and He cares for us, where was He when our city was drowning? On this episode, we'll explore this question with some heroes who came to our rescue (the LA Cajun Navy), and some now world-famous survivors (both humans and farm animals). 

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