Season 1

Episode 1: Why Do People Love to Hate Religion?

For our first episode, host Eric Huffman speaks with Bart Campolo, a long-time Christian pastor turned self-described secular humanist, about the reasons Bart left the church and his views on religion, culture, and morality. We wanted to address with Bart why it seems like so many people love to hate religion, but the conversation did not quite go as we intended.

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Episode 2: Can An Artist Really Be An Atheist?

For our second episode, host Eric Huffman sat down with world-renowned street artist Sebastien Mrd Boileau. Ever since his loving grandmother warned him, as a child, never to be alone with certain priests (who were suspected of questionable behavior), Sebastien has always struggled with the concepts of religion and God. As an artist, however, he's constantly drawn to pursue transcendence and beauty. This tension between spirituality and cynicism is what makes his art so powerful, and it led Eric to wonder, "Can an artist like Sebastien really be an atheist?"

Episode 3: Can Sex Bring Us Closer to God?

For our third episode, Eric Huffman and the Maybe God team flew to Los Angeles to speak with author, speaker, and pastor Deb Hirsch. In her latest book, Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations about Sexuality and Spirituality, Deb addresses the overwhelming need in our society (and in our churches) to have deeper conversations about sex. She laments the way most of our cultural conversations about sex are reduced to mere intercourse, and she challenges all her readers - married and single, LGBTQ+ and straight, Christian and non-religious - to think more broadly about the breathtaking, toe-curling, rapturous gift that is human sexuality. 

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Episode 5: What Lives Matter?

For our fifth episode, Eric Huffman speaks with author, pastor, and humanitarian Rudy Rasmus. of St. John's Downtown about baptizing Beyoncé, pledging allegiance to the flag, and being Black and Christian in Trump’s America. With a potent blend of grace and brutal honesty, Rudy reminds Eric of his responsibility to speak out about racism and white supremacy - a reminder that we all need to hear.

Episode 6: Can God Save Your Marriage?

When it comes to marriage, does God make a difference? Are marriages between believers better off than "godless" unions? This week, Eric explores these questions with his wife, Geovanna, who shares stories of how God transformed their marriage. Eric's friend, Sara Beth, also shares her story about a shocking revelation and her subsequent divorce. Finally, Eric talks with Emily and Ricardo, a couple nearly torn apart by addiction and depression before finding God together and shifting their priorities.


Episode 7: Did God Save the Catfish?

After years of struggling through a messy divorce, drug addiction, and depression, Casey finally had the life he always wanted: a happy marriage, healthy kids, a growing business, and a deep relationship with God. Then one afternoon, Casey and his wife, Dorian, received some news that changed their lives forever, and the ensuing battle made Casey's past struggles look small by comparison. In this episode, hear this couple's story of amazing love, devastating pain, and the everlasting Light that's carried them through it all.  


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