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Episode 00: What is Maybe God?

Our conversation introducing Maybe God is now available. Find out more about our mission, and about our team. 

What do you believe? That we're here because random things happen in the universe, without reason or cause, and over a span of 14 billion years, life as we know it was bound to just happen . . . eventually? Or maybe there is a purpose. Maybe there is a hidden meaning behind existence. Maybe life isn’t a matter of cosmic chance. Maybe God made us. 

On this weekly podcast, skeptic-at-heart Eric Huffman of The Story Houston talks to artists, politicians, business moguls, prisoners, theologians, atheists and ordinary people in extraordinary situations to address the questions we all have about life, meaning, and the purpose for our existence. He pushes as hard against religion as he does against secularism in search of the only thing that matters: truth.


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There are 153 million orphans in the world today. Most of us would agree that making more adoptions possible is the most obvious solution to the problem, but what if it's not that simple? What if, in some parts of the world today, adoptions are unintentionally hurting children? Jessica and Adam Davis set out to change a little girl's life, but a shocking revelation disrupted their journey and challenged everything they thought they knew about orphans.

The stories in this episode challenge our own preconceptions about one of humanity's most pressing concerns: protecting the world's most vulnerable children, and doing justice on their behalf. Also featured: Mike Gallagher from 1MillionHome, and Brian Mavis & Tracee Rudd from America's Kids Belong.