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Author Eric Huffman book at Barnes at Noble

Scripture and the skeptic

In Scripture and the Skeptic Eric Huffman, author of 40 Days of Doubt, helps readers understand and cope with confusion about the Bible and provides answers to questions by reframing it as a perfect and seamless story. Huffman illustrates how the Bible, even the parts some consider ungodly, presents the beautiful story that God intended to tell. Visit the link below for free video study guides:


40 days

40 Days of Doubt: Devotions for the Skeptic is for all those sports-talk listening, eye-rolling, Game-of-Thrones-loving, abnormal believers out there. If you’ve ever felt that your mind and soul were fighting, you’ll find solace in these awe and wonder-filled reflections by pastor and author Eric Huffman. This devotional helps us understand how we can cope with our questions, and provides insightful answers during our times of doubt.


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